An Introduction

An Introduction

Me, my mother, and my father in Atlantic City, NJ in 1954.

Hello and thank you for your interest in Surviving Hiroshima: A Young Woman’s Story. My name is Anthony Drago and I am Kaleria Palchikoff Drago’s eldest son.

I want to start by saying how surreal it feels to even have this website live and a book in the process of being published. To say this has been a journey is an understatement. At a very young age I knew my mother was special. I think most young boys have an adoration for their mother, but mine was almost a fascination. She was worldly, strong, almost mysterious, and beautiful. There was also a sadness to her. As I grew up she would tell me stories – little by little – about her life in Japan. And, as I became old enough to understand just how much she endured her qualities made more and more sense.

I had always wanted to tell her story to the world and I am humbled to be able to do so. I will use this blog to share bits and pieces of it, the process of publishing a book, and a bit about myself, my family, and how the story shaped parts of all of us. I hope you’ll follow along.

– Tony

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